Tips for Summer Care

Ultra-tough varieties like The Knock Out® Family of Roses can withstand heat and stress way better than other varieties, but they may put on a little less of a show if the temperature stays very high for a long stretch.

To guarantee more blooms and healthier roses for the harder parts of the season, follow these tips:

  1. Knock Out® Roses do not require fertilizer to re-bloom, but you may choose to fertilize them for an additional boost — just make sure you wait until they have gone through one full bloom cycle. Also, do not fertilize late in the summer — this is when roses prepare themselves for dormancy and by “feeding” them you’ll be encouraging them to grow which is the opposite of what they should be doing.
  2. Water roses less frequently and deep at the base of the plant. By doing this you’ll help the roots grow deeper and stay more hydrated. Avoid watering overhead as any moisture that lingers on the leaves is an invitation for fungal diseases.
  3. Speaking of fungal diseases, cut off any leaves if they are showing signs of stress or infection (like black spot, mildew or rust). If the whole cane is affected, cut it out now too.